The Nursery:

We are proud to have a nursery incorporated into Grampian Primary Academy.  We can accommodate up to 52 children from the age of 3.  The  nursery hours run alongside the school opening hours and we are therefore open between 8.45am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday, Term Time only.  We offer nursery hours on the following basis:

  • Morning Nursery – attending every morning from 8.45am to 11.45am.
  • Afternoon Nursery – attending every afternoon from 12.30pm to 3.30pm
  • Start of the Week – attending for a full day on Monday and Tuesday from 8.45am to 3.30pm and Wednesday morning from 8.45am to 11.45am.
  • End of the Week – attending on Wednesday afternoon from 12.30 to 3.30pm and all day on Thursday and Friday from 8.45am to 3.30pm.
  • Full time (Extended Hours Funding (30 hours) plus lunchtime supervision) – attending Monday – Friday 8.45am – 3.30pm.

What free provision is my child entitled to?

Your child is eligible for 15 hours of free nursery provision. However, they may also be entitled to additional free nursery provision through the governments ‘Extended Hours Funding’ which could entitle them to a total of 30 hours of free nursery provision. In order to qualify, you must satisfy the following criteria:

Both parents are working and/or:

  1. One parent working in a lone parent family (earning equivalent of 16 hours a week on National Minimum Wage including those receiving Tax Credits or Universal Credit)
  2. One/both parent/s is away from work on leave (parental, maternity etc.)
  3. One/both parent/s receiving Statutory Sick Pay
  4. Includes zero-hours contracts and self-employed
  5. One parent is employed and the other parent has either: substantial caring responsibility and/or a disability; is a foster carer with their own three- and four-year-old children

Please Note: Parents who are in training will not be eligible and there is an income cap of £100k

If you believe you qualify for the Extended Hours Funding, you must apply as soon as possible.  Our advice would be to apply as soon as possible to guarantee the extended hours for your child. The hours MUST be applied for before the cut-off date provided by Derby City Council.  Details of which can be found on the following link:

If you qualify for the 30 hours funding, parents and carers MUST re-apply every three months.  If you do not reapply or your circumstances change then it may mean that you are no longer entitled to these additional hours (but your child will continue to be eligible for the universal 15 hours).

In selecting the most suitable option for your child, please consider the following:

Start and End of the Week Options

Staying at nursery all day can be a big step for some children and it is important that the children are well prepared for this to ensure they flourish.  Therefore, it is really important that your child is able to manage their own personal hygiene. The full day session will include a lunchtime supervision charge of £3.20 session. This charge is inclusive of a hot school meal. 

Additional Sessions (15 hour children)

When your child is settled into nursery, parents will be able to purchase additional sessions.   These places are subject to availability and will be allocated in consultation with the nursery staff.  These sessions will need to be booked and paid for in advance. Each additional session is £13.50 a session (a sessions is defined as a 3 hour morning or afternoon slot)

Children accessing the Extended Hours Funding (30 hour children) 

In the majority of cases, if you are eligible, all the nursery sessions will be funded through the Extended Hours Funding and your child will attend full-time (30 hours).  However, this does not include the lunchtime session as this is additional to your child’s 30-hour nursery provision. Lunchtime sessions are charged at £3.20 per session (£16.00 per week) and is inclusive of a hot school meal, which is to be paid for in advance.


Additional Sessions* (over 15 hours)

£13.50 per 3 hr session

Lunch Time (11.45am – 12.30pm) Inclusive of a hot school meal


*One Additional Session equals 3 hours of nursery.  8.45am – 11.45am Or 12.30pm – 3.30pm

If your child’s chosen hours generate fees, these are payable even if your child absence, including holidays, bank holidays and sickness. Fees are to be paid two weeks prior to the sessions and non-payment of fees will mean we will only provide the hours covered by the free funded hours.

 Please note we only offer term time provision and are closed during school holidays.

Nursery Places:

Spaces are limited for our nursery so early applications are essential to secure a place.

If you would like to apply for a place for your child, please contact the school office on (01332) 765546, email or download the "expression of interest form" below.

Click to Download -  Nursery Expression of Interest Form